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Third generation 45+ years of ministry experience

Rev House School of Ministry (RHSOM) is a Holy Spirit Apostolic assignment Dr. Don Hughes has been
chosen to fulfill. Beginning more than five years ago he heard an urging that began in the Spirit and was confirmed
in the natural. A call to develop teaching so those in ministry could gain understanding and wisdom regarding the
Kingdom of God. Applicable wisdom for the individual and the corporate body. A mandate was received and
obeyed to impart to others what has been deposited into him by the Spirit and many spiritual fathers over his 45+
years in ministry. A dream realized in April 2020.

RHSOM is designed to provide an affordable education for those who are unable to uproot themselves and
their families to attend an on-campus school. Those whose schedule is not suited to conventional class schedules,
who benefit from the flexibility of online pre-recorded classes. To provide education opportunities to 1) the eternal
student of the Word, ever hungry for understanding and wisdom 2) those young in ministry or newly called seeking
first time training 3) those who have been serving and desire additional or first-time training.


PARTICIPATION~ RHSOM offers three different levels of participation to students. The current program consists of nine
classes for a total of seventy-six hours of study. Classes vary in length depending on the depth of the subject matter.
AUDIT ~ students may take any or all of the nine classes at a reduced cost. They will not take tests or receive
certification for the classes.
CERTIFICATE ~ students may take any or all of the classes with a passing grade of 70% or higher GPA for a
certificate of completion.
ASSOCITATES ~ students complete all classes with a 70% or higher GPA and pay the fee to Life College for the
processing for the degree.

COST~ RHSOM classes cost $25 per class session. The number of class sessions varies per class depending on the
subject. There are a minimum of 4 sessions and a maximum of 16 sessions in the nine classes. There are a total of 76
sessions for a total cost of all classes of $1900.
Students may pay for all classes up front and receive a 15% discount. They will also receive a syllabus for each
Students may pay per class, cost ranges from $100 to $400. They will receive the class syllabus as it is paid for.
Students may pay $100 per month per class. They will receive the class syllabus once the final payment of the class
is received. Each class must be paid in full before proceeding to the next class.

Bachelors and Masters program TBA 2023!
Updates coming soon!
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