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Where growing in Kingdom Theology is our Mission

RHSOM is an affordable source of education.


The two-year curriculum consisting of 76 hours of instruction is available for $1900.


Students who wish to pay for the total cost of the school upfront will receive a 15% discount ($1,615 total cost), all others may pay per class (cost depends on a number of sessions) or $100/month.


Students paying for the school upfront will receive a syllabus for each class once payment is received. Students paying per class will receive that class syllabus once payment is received. Students paying monthly will receive the syllabus once the total cost of the class has been paid.


Students may purchase all the class syllabuses for $400. Class payments are accepted through various sources (PayPal, Cash App, Venmo, Zelle, or credit/debit card). Classes vary on average from four to sixteen sessions per class. Classes covering more in-depth subject matter will cover more sessions.


Student completion of a class requires a passing grade of 70% or better.


The RHSOM syllabus is a spiral bound copy of all Dr. Hughes’ notes for that class suitable for future study.

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*Prerequisite for associates degree is a high school diploma or equivalent.

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