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Payment Methods


Please include the name of the product you are purchasing, your mailing address, and email.
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The two-year curriculum consisting of 76 hours of instruction is available for $1900.


Students who wish to pay for the total cost of the school upfront will receive a 15% discount, all others may pay per class (cost depends on number of sessions) or $100/month.

Students may purchase all the class syllabuses for $400. Class payments are accepted through various sources (PayPal, Cash App, Venmo, Zelle, or credit/debit card). Classes vary on average from four to sixteen sessions per class. Classes covering more in-depth subject matter will cover more sessions.

These payment methods are used for all products @ RHSOM, including but not limited to products, books and tuition. 

On PC please use the PayPal or the Venmo...if you are using your smart device, you may use Cash App and Zelle to make payments. 

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Sponsor a Student

Full or Partial Sponsors are essential to equipping the next generation of ministers with the biblical tools necessary to make an impact and to leave a lasting legacy.

Rev House School of Ministry, as part of our official re-launch, is offering groups and individuals the opportunity to partner with the school through student sponsorships.


Two types of sponsorships are available –


STUDENT GRANT will  offer tuition assistance to students who meet requirements.

STUDENT SCHOLARSHIP will provide tuition assistance in part or full to a student chosen by the sponsor.


Contact us for more information or to find out ways to give.

What you do today will be rewarded in eternity.

For more information please contact us below.

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