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A good man causes sons’ sons to inherit...
Prov. 13:22 LT

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"I glorified you on earth, having accomplished the work that you gave me to do."

Jesus of Nazareth 













"Everyone is born with gifts "in them" Don't be buried with them still "in you" Give them to the world, they need you!"
Don Hughes


That which has been established, stored up, preserved; land, money, knowledge, insight, revelation; furthermore, a name, tradition, establishment which is to be handed down to another. 

Dr. Don Hughes Sr. He is/was my biological and spiritual father. I was born-again and spirit-filled under his ministry at an early age. He was my superhero. He taught me how to study and infused into me my
love for the Word of God. I'm forever grateful pop.


Bishop Vernon Owens. He was a powerhouse preacher who imparted the 1st fruits of the Kingdom to me. He was a papa, a covenant brother and a true friend to me. I caught his prophetic understanding
and application of the scriptures and didn't realize it until after he was gone.


Dr. Lester Sumrall. A seasoned veteran, a phenomenal instructor of God's Word. He counseled me through a very difficult time in my life and ministry. I was honored to preach in his church, help with his
Joseph feeding program, I was also a guest on his TV Program. He ministered for me and to me and I'm forever thankful.


Dr. Kelly Varner. What an Oracle of God concerning the Kingdom. I always joked with him that he probably forgot more than I would ever know. His insight into revealing the Kingdom from the stories, scriptures and texts was second-to-none. He was such a papa, strong, at times stern (which I needed), but very loving. He advanced me into a whole new depth and understanding of the Kingdom of God.
These four men have all gone on to their reward and I miss them greatly.


Dr. Don Hughes father, Don Hughes Sr. 


From left to right: Lester Sumrall, Don Hughes Sr., Roberts Tilton


Bishop Vernon Owens

Window Light in Church

Dr. Kelly Varner

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