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Dr. Don Hughes in his newest book, The Prophecy, The PROCESS, The Promise, pulls back the curtain on an often mentioned yet seldom taught subject among much of the Body of Christ. Many will make reference in passing during a message or teaching using words like transition, shift, season, purging, and pruning, often without much explanation, or expounding from the scriptures as to their purpose. Dr. Hughes pulls out all the stops in his 4 plus decades of ministry, studying, preaching, and teaching to reveal the “why”.

We will look deeply into the lives of many Bible characters, beginning with the prophetic word spoken to/or over them from God, angels, and prophets. God creates with His Word, and then the forming process starts, and being placed on the potter’s wheel begins. This process is NOT punishment, but preparation, a time and a season of molding and shaping you to look like and become the very thing that has been declared over you. As we will see in this book, there were some who prolonged their process by fighting against and struggling with the very thing that was holding them back.

Often, there are things in us and on us that are hinderances to our purpose and destiny, they are dead weight, they are stumbling blocks, and they are character flaws that can/will hold back His appearing and revealing in/through us. Not acknowledging them can/will delay our process. As the understanding of the “why” is made manifest in this book, the author believes that many will experience freedom, breakthrough, insight, and revelation that will propel them forward towards the finish line of their destiny, purpose, and promise.

Get ready to be challenged, changed, and blessed as you embark on this journey.




There are 52 recorded parables that Jesus taught in the gospels. However, only 12 of them begin with the statement, "The Kingdom of Heaven is like." Dr. Hughes breaks down these parables from the original language and reveals incredible insight and revelation as to how these truths live out in our everyday life. Get ready to be challenged, changed, and blessed.










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Weekly Word Studies available in PDF for 25.00 upon request. 

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Dr. Don Hughes & The Book of Revelation

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